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Tennessee Handgun Permit Classes

There are three types of carry in TN. You can decide which is best for you. 


Enhanced Carry Permit

This is the top of the line. This engaging and informative 8 hour class will allow you to obtain your Enhanced Permit. With this permit you are allowed to carry open/concealed, in more places within the state and to carry in more states than the Concealed Carry permit. The class consists of at least 4 hours of classroom activity covering Federal and state laws on use of force, safe storage, maintenance, carry and use of your firearm, as well as the three battles facing you each time you use force to defend yourself. The rest of the class covers functioning your weapon and actual time on the range qualifying. At the end of this class you will feel more confident in your ability to protect yourself and loved ones.


Concealed Carry Permit

This 4 hour interactive class is designed for the busy individual who doesn't have time to dedicate a full day to obtain their Enhanced Permit but still wants to be able to carry their handgun in places they can't carry without a permit. You can also carry in states that have a reciprocity agreement with TN. There is no range requirement; however, the class covers safe storage, maintenance, carry and use of the handgun. It also covers the 3 battles faced every time force is used for self defense. 


Information on Permit less Carry

Although TN allows permit less carry by residents, it should be noted that, you are limited in places you can carry, as well as the states you can carry in. You also must be able to pass the same background requirements as an individual who applies for a permit. 901FT questions the reasoning behind carrying without a permit. You have every right to carry your handgun but, why take a chance on adding charges on yourself? Get your permit, even if it's just the concealed carry permit.

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