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Women's Self Defense Workshop


Don't Be A Victim!

The kidnapping and murder of 34yo Eliza Fletcher in Memphis brought women's safety and self defense into the forefront. Many women began to question whether they were safe in the streets.

This workshop is designed to provide techniques on "situational awareness" to avoid an attacker. If those don't work, it will instill techniques to engage the attacker, disengage and escape. You will learn what to look for, what to say to the attacker, how to call for help to get someone to respond, how to temporarily distract or incapacitate the attacker and give yourself time to escape. 

We are not trying to give you classes on toe to toe fighting and MMA. You are not built to fight 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. We want to give you what it takes to survive and escape. 

The instructor in this class is a retired LEO with years of experience and training. She has taught these same techniques to scores of women. 

This class is great for mothers and daughters to take together. We conduct them for students 13yo and older. If they are under 18 we do ask a parent to be present for the class. 

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